Sunday Inspiration: The Icebreaker Anointing

30 Sep

Dear friends,

Apostolic Alignment brings an Icebreaker anointingIn early August, Dr. Bruce Cook and I launched the Apostolic Alignment (AA) tribe for Kingdom Leaders. Within two weeks, the tribe of 12 was full. We now have people from 4 nations and 3 continents involved.

Each of the weekly MMM meetings (webinars) we have had so far has been profound and our tribe members are experiencing extraordinary breakthroughs.

On Sept 17, the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, Gary Beaton published one of the most profound spiritual videos I have ever seen on YouTube titled “The Untold Story of the Harbinger.” Gary was the “first-fruits offering” for Dr. Cook’s tribe, the first to invest in himself and this tribe.

On Sept 22, Russel Stauffer, another AA tribe member, wrote “There is such a shift in thought patterns, correction in self talk, revelations of what I am to do, more clarity, smarter decisions… like Wisdom is right beside/in me giving directions; it’s delightfully astounding and I know it is a direct result of the MMM AA and the prayer on Thursday thru Dr. Sharon (Billins), GTG!”

During our weekly MMM meeting on Sept 27, Kyle Newton shared his amazing story of a 100-fold return resulting from a shift in his self-talk and thinking. Dr. Cook then asked Kyle to say a prayer and decree over the tribe what he experienced.

The next morning while lying in bed resting and reflecting in a semi-alpha state, I heard clearly in my spirit ICEBREAKER, specifically in regard to one of my clients. After emailing that client, I was prompted to write this in my journal:

For five years, many of our businesses and ministries have been frozen, but through the Master’s Mind Marketing and Master’s Mind Coaching, the LORD God Almighty has shifted our thinking with a spiritual ICEBREAKER ship.

Apostolic Alignment brings an Icebreaker anointing!

In the past 24 hours, I have listened to Kyle’s ICEBREAKER prayer more than ten times and now feel compelled to share that with you.

Kyle Newton’s ICEBREAKER prayer


The Icebreaker Anointing

Blessings to receive the Icebreaker Anointing to breakthrough in your business, family, and other areas of your life!


P.S. You are invited to join the Throne Room 30-60-100 Master’s Mind Marketing Tribe being launched by Apostle Sharon Billins, known for years as “The Throne Room Prophet.” CLICK HERE to learn more.

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