A Call to Arms

28 Feb

Lion of the tribe of JudahFrom: Nancy Slocum
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 1:11 PM
Subject: [Soaring777] Comment: “Week 8: Throne Room Assignments”

Comment: This image depicts how I feel in my spirit man and how I see the body of Christ when it is properly aligned with Jesus, its head!

This prophetic word from God, “A CALL TO ARMS,” was given to me on February 23, 2015, right after I prayed in the Holy Spirit and recorded in my journal the stunning vision He gave me. I wrote about the vision in my entry entitled, “PREPARATION FOR A THRONE ROOM ASSIGNMENT.”


Do you hear it, My children? This is your heavenly Father. THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS!

Awaken you sleeper! Where is your holy righteous anger and indignation against the attack of the enemy on My body, the Saints and the leaders (My delegated power of attorney in this earth)?

Are you going to just sit on the sidelines and be spectators to the assaults on My body or are you going to get in the fight and take your rightful battle positions? This is not a game. This is a battle and I shall triumph over all the forces of darkness. In fact, I have already triumphed at the cross of Calvary with the shed blood of My Son. Jesus paid it all. He made a public display of Satan’s utter defeat when He took back the keys of death, hell and the grave.

Now I expect and command you as your Commander in Chief to take up your battle stations and stand in every single gap against Satan and every wicked power and principality and their attacks.

I am the Host of the Angel Armies and the angels are standing by and surrounding you to go into action at the sound of My Word coming out of your mouth! You have no idea what they are already doing in the unseen realm on your behalf, but there is more to do.

When idle words (those words that have no kingdom assignment in them) come out of your mouth, you tie their arms. They only respond to My Word. Are you going to allow them to idly stand by unemployed and disengaged in the war against souls from coming into My kingdom?

I always cause you to triumph. I have empowered and equipped you with the blood of My Son and the name of Jesus, the name above every name. I have gifted you and equipped you with the greatest power in the earth and universe – the power of My Holy Spirit Who protects, guides, leads and instructs you every step of the way. It’s not by your own power or strength that causes you to triumph, but it is by My Spirit that you overcome. You overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.

I have given you the keys of the kingdom so you can tread upon snakes and scorpions. I have given you the power to keep the devil under your feet. Stomp all over him as you confidently and boldly submit to Me, the Lord God Almighty. By submitting to Me you are walking in the spirit. And you are resisting the devil and he must and will flee. You can’t serve two masters so stand for Me. Set your face like flint towards Me and the ways of My kingdom and you shall overcome. You have My Word and My blood. Nothing is greater! You have My Angel Army backing you up. Greater am I in you than he that is in the world.

This is a “CALL TO ARMS!” When even one, great or small, is attacked in My body, then consider it as if it were a personal attack on you and your loved ones. Come to their aid every way possible. We are family! Some will be able to minister to them personally in the natural, but all in My body are able, if willing, to minister to them spiritually and to stand in the gap through intercessory prayer.

It is time for My body to take the next step and to go higher in Me as they come into unity in Christ and in agreement with My Word through prayer. It is time for you to lock arms, lock shields, and lock your prayers together by faith and stand as one (unified) body. Watch and see what your El Shadai – your Almighty God will do on your behalf!!! Come into alignment with Me and get ready and expect to see, by faith, signs, wonders and miracles in this earth like never before!

Get in your pre-ordained and proper positions in Christ and just watch, wait, taste and see that I, the LORD your God – I Am good!

Your Commander in Chief

In Christ,

Nancy Slocum

PS Just remember, we can’t obey this “Call to Arms” or do any of this without the power of the Holy Spirit. I am reminded of the lyrics to the song “Soldiers” sung by Phil Driscoll which say: “Yes you are a mighty warrior, but don’t forget, no don’t forget, you are still My child.”

Soldier… standing on the battle line
finding comfort, in the water and the wine,
and your armor, still so shiny and so new
but you’re dirty worn and tired
from the battles you’ve been through

Soldier, keep your eyes straight ahead
Help the wounded, though it hurts you leave the dead
Keep your weapons and your Spirit at the ready all the
Be of courage and conviction, hit the mark, and toe the

Tonight when all the lights go out
and you lie down to rest
Know that I’m proud of you,
I know you’ve done you best
Let Me give you peace,
Let Me hold you for awhile
Yes you are a mighty warrior, but don’t forget,
no don’t forget, you are still My child

Soldier, standing on the battle line,
Finding comfort in the water and the wine
Though I am with you, when this old world keeps
charging in,
I’ll stay with you, I’ll see you through to the very

Soldier, keep My flag flying high,
Don’t let it fall in battle, or be stolen in the night.
And above all else, this, soldier: Don’t you lose you
battle cry,
‘Cause My army’s fighting with you, and I’m standing by
your side.

You’re a mighty warrior, but you’re still My child
You’re a mighty warrior, but you’re still My child
You’re a mighty warrior, but you’re still My child

Yes you are a mighty warrior, but don’t forget, ooo
don’t forget, you are still My child.

Warriors – Phil Driscoll Images & Lyrics


Phil Driscoll in Concert 1991 at JSBC (Featuring T-Don Capron)


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