Sunday Inspiration: The POWER of Your Two-Word Purpose Statement

12 Aug

Two-Word Purpose Statement

O my gosh. I was getting ready to type today’s Sunday Inspiration and planned to title that “Top 5 regrets of the dying.”

But as I was flowing in the Spirit, I was led to watch a recorded video about “The POWER of Your Two-Word Purpose Statement.”

As I began watching that, I knew that was the message I was to share with you today.

On-Purpose PalThis powerful video message is by Kevin McCarthy, author of The On-Purpose Person. I first heard Kevin speak on Monday August 6 when he was a guest panelist on the Steward Call led by Robert and Cheryl-Ann Needham.

So let me ask you, “Do you know your two-word purpose statement?”

If not, I highly recommend you watch this video by Kevin McCarthy.

The POWER of Your Two-Word Purpose Statement

Note: You will need to advance the slider bar at the bottom about 5-10 minutes before Kevin starts speaking.

Also, I recommend you take the simple On-Purpose Person survey

  • Do you have a WRITTEN personal purpose, vision, or mission statement?
  • Which statement best reflects your feelings toward your personal purpose, vision, or mission statement?
  • If you have (or had) a written purpose, vision, or mission statement, what benefits or advantages does it offer you?
  • What are the costs or the price one pays or disadvantages to not knowing one’s purpose, vision, mission?
  • If you had to put a U.S. dollar figure on being disadvantaged without or a weak purpose, vision, or mission statement, which best reflects your cost of being “off-purpose”?

Benefits of being clear on your purpose

  • Flushes out what is most important to me
  • Keeps me focused and clear
  • Make choices more effectively and confidently
  • Discern what’s right and wrong for me
  • Keeps me “on track” in a crazy world
  • Cuts through the haze of confusion
  • Helps me to love my life

Costs of not being crystal clear about your purpose

  • Take on people, activities, and projects I shouldn’t
  • Wasting time and energy due to lack of focus
  • Feeling overwhelmed, drepressed, sadness
  • My life is run by urgencies and crisis = chaos
  • Cannot experience the fullness of life
  • I don’t have my own voice, I get run over
  • No true guidelines or boundaries
  • Rudderless and I feel I have no future
  • Squandering my talents
  • Directionless, discontented, hopeless
  • No map, no meaning, spinning my wheels
  • Dreading growing old
  • Fear takes me over
  • I look back with regret and forward afraid
  • Others dont’ get what I have to give

What Is Your Cost Of Being Off-Purpose?



Blessings to carefully craft your two-word purpose statement!

P.S. Join the conversation. Share your your Two-Word Purpose Statement below.

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