Stewarding Your Relationships

17 Feb

“Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom of God!” – Dr. Joseph Umidi

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)

What are YOUR most valuable relationships?
What simple step can you take TODAY to be better steward of those?

On Friday Feb 13, the Holy Spirit prompted me to spend several hours doing an inventory of my relationships. During that process, the LORD revealed to me how to use The Journal software to take my stewardship of relationships to a whole new level. That is the topic of today’s 8 pm EST webinar. I invite you to join Jerry and me for that.

Under the category JIREH Marketing, I created a new category called Joint Ventures and under that I created 3 tiers of people I know and correspond with regularly – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Under Level 1, I created categories using names of people who have had a dramatic impact on my life and sorted those people in chronological order – the order God brought them into my life.

My parents were first. They modeled the love of God throughout my life. They instilled in me the habit of going to church every week. They taught me countless values which have not only impacted me, but ten of thousands of people I have come across during my lifetime.

After my parents, came Rev. Mark Jarvis. Not only did he lead me to a personal relationship with Jesus and disciple me spiritually, but he opened the door for a long-term relationship with Rev. Matt Gregory, my current pastor, and Michael Stay. The four of us met weekly in a coaching group for 4 years. Through this support network, my faith grew exponentially and many Kingdom doors of opportunity were opened.

Following them, other people I listed included Erick Kalenga, Virginia Morton, Rick Heeren, Jack Serra, Jeff Bernstein, Joseph Umidi, Bowie Curry, Jack Stagman, Jerry Graham, Ben Stewart, Mark Virkler, Karla Meachem, and Lynne Lee.

Today I want to give a special thanks to Karla and Lynne. Both of these ladies I met through Twitter. They both chose to become JIREH Marketing members. And in just a few months, they have had a profound impact on me. Both are extremely humble. They are avid users of Relationship Marketing (Web 2.0). And both keep their eyes focused on Jesus and daily seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. Through their close relationships with Jesus, they supernaturally manifest the “go-giver” philosophy.

This morning I visited Karla’s site Empowering Christian Women, which is my favorite site ever for Christian resources. I was particularly touched by the Father’s Love Letter” YouTube vido. See Blessings of the Day to learn more.

Karla also has a personal blog titled “More of Him: Less of Me.” This morning when I visited that, I noticed Karla wrote, “I’ve been asked to do another interview on internet radio. Once again, I am stepping out in faith. :) This will be my 3rd interview this month ~ one last Tuesday, one last Wednesday and another one soon – please stay tuned for the details.”

What’s amazing is that Karla’s breakthroughs and some of my new breakthroughs came as a result of her choice to sow a financial seed to be JIREH Marketing Member. As a result, she joined TEAM DESTINY, God’s team to change lives and disciple nations. As a result of that, Dr. Jerry Graham and I hosted Karla as our guest expert for the “JIREH Marketing: Empowering Christian Women” webinar on Feb 3.

That was Karla’s very first interview and now the gates of heaven are open for her to have explosive Kingdom impact. PTL. You go girl.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, I thank You for the precious gift of relationships, which are the currency of the Kingdom of God. I thank You for each and every person who has sown good seeds into my life. I thank You for the recent relationships you helped me establish with Karla Meachem and Lynne Lee. Thank You for the new and big doors of opportunity You are opening for both of them. Bless their marriages, their families, and their ministries (businesses). May both of them accomplish more for Your Kingdom in 2009 than they did previously in their entire lives. Thank You Jesus. With You all things are possible. Amen and Hallelujah!

Blessings of the Day
1) ““JIREH Marketing: Blogi360 – The Website That Works For You” FREE webinar at 11 am EST today (Feb 17)

2) “Experiencing God Through Journaling: Stewarding Your Relationships” FREE webinar at 8 pm EST today (Feb 17)

3) Father’s Love Letter YouTube video at Empowering Christian Women

4) More of Him: Less of Me personal blog by Karla Meachem

5) Christian Life Coaching – by Lynne Lee

Blessings to be a great steward of your relationships!


The Holy Spirit is inviting YOU to become part of TEAM DESTINY. If you want more favor in your life, then join our team. Favor is always proportional to God’s assignment. That’s because the greater the assignment, the greater the adversity.

Journaling is the key to unlock your dreams!
Journaling is the key to unlock your DESTINY!

Is journaling biblical? Absolutely! Father God is the greatest Journaler of all times. The Bible is His journal – the most profound one of all times. And throughout time, the Holy Spirit has inspired millions of people to write to inspire others to greatness.

Blessings for divine provision and breakthroughs!

P.S. If you’re a small thinker and don’t want your faith to soar, this book is definitely not for you. But if you believe in a BIG God who has destined you for greatness, then you’ve come to the right place.

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