Sunday Inspiration: Within thirty days, your life could totally change

20 Jan

On January 14, I hosted a webinar with Linda Zobel titled “Accepted and Free.” In my opinion, this was one of the best webinars I have ever hosted. It’s about overcoming strongholds in our lives.

In gratitude for my help making that possible, Linda mailed me a book titled “Power Points For Success” by Bob Harrison. That contains 101 stories of success secrets of real-life achievers such as Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Rudolph Giuliani, Lee Iacocca, Peter Lowe, Ruth Graham, and many others.

On the day I received the book, I invested more than two hours reading the first 27 stories. In my opinion, this is the best success principle book I have ever read, next to the Bible.

In the Preface, Bob writes, “Within thirty days, your life could totally change as a result of learning and applying the various success strategies contained in this book.” I agree.

Bob shared why he chose the title “Power Points For Success.” The word “power” can be defined as the basic energy needed to initiate and sustain action, enabling one to translate intention into reality. A “point” is defined as an exact spot, location, or time. Bob believes the truths in this book can help to create some personal “Power Points” – times when you become empowered to translate intention into reality.

Why settle for mere survival when you can live a life of power and significance. Determine to be all that you desire to be and all that God created you to be. Think to the life of excitement and fresh sense of purpose and fulfillment you have to look forward to.

Blessings to receive strength and power from the LORD!

Joseph PeckJoseph

Joseph Peck, M.D.
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