Why Hire a Life Coach?

12 Nov

In a nutshell, a coach listens to you, asks questions, believes in you, and holds you accountable.

The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom (Proverbs 10:31)

Why hire a LIFE coach?

1. Experience Lasting Change- A coach provides you with constant encouragement while you walk through the critical 3-6 month long term habit forming period.

2. Accomplish More- Ever wonder why you get excited about doing something and a year later it’s still not complete? Is it because you really didn’t want to do it? Not necessarily but we prioritize what we want. You may have started out with a high priority goal but because life happens, you move it to the bottom of the list. In reality, we lose focus of our goal because it takes longer than we expected. So we run to the hot new goal. But if we keep this pattern, we end up not accomplishing very much. Once you determine your goal, a coach keeps you focused on what you want to accomplish.

3. Make Empowered Decisions- Why is it that we tend to shy away from making decisions that change our life for the better when someone else tells us what to do? A coach boosts your decision making power by asking you the right questions that allow you to make the most informed decision so you become a better decision maker.

4. Maximize Time- I’ve never heard a person tell me they have all the time in the world to get every single thing they want to accomplish done each day. How do you accomplish your goals? By focusing your time on the most important activities that yield the results you desire. A coach supports you in deciding which action steps you need to take to achieve maximum time leadership.

5. Increase Relational Skills- Have you ever tried to communicate something to someone and they just don’t understand what you are saying? The problem is during conversation we don’t normally have the time to reflect on our perceptions or the way we transmit information that may or may not connect with the other person. What would your life be like if you could improve your communication with people by 50%? A coach provides the feedback so you can take ownership of your communication.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, as I develop more interest in LIFE coaching, I realize that You have  mentors and things we need all around us. Forgive me for the many, many times that I have been so focused on my agenda that I have missed Your assistance and Your agenda. Help me to be prepared and not be in a hurry so that when opportunity knocks, I’ll be ready for it. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to benefit from having an intentional LIFE coach in your life!

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