What Do Your Dreams Mean?

22 Jun

God is speaking to you in your dreams.

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

You spend around 8 hours every night sleeping and nearly 2 hours of that is given over to dreaming. What are your dreams telling you?

Lynne Lee, my good friend and Christian Life Coach in the U.K., is hosting a one hour teleseminar on Thurs June 25 at 3 pm EDT titled “What Do Your Dreams Mean?”

What you will discover in What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Where dreams come from
Why you dream
Why God chooses to speak in dreams
Steps You Can Take to Remember Your Dreams
Keys to understanding the dreams that God caused you to dream
Why you need to listen to your dreams
What to do with your dreams
and much more…

Dreams are one of God’s ways of communicating with you. He uses dreams to

give you insight
show you what direction to take
help you to see where you need to change
point you to solutions to problems
and much, much more…

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Bible tells us that He has always communicated with people through dreams and visions. This teleseminar will give you keys to help you decode your dreams.

The Bible is full of illustrations of God using dreams to guide and instruct and warn people. Dreams are not just a by-product of last night’s pizza. God is still using dreams as a way of communicating.

The book of Job says that God speaks to you in dreams and visions, even though you may not recognise that it is God. He uses dreams to direct you, warn you, and preserve your life.

If you don’t know that God is speaking to you through your dreams or don’t know how to understand your dreams you are missing a valuable means of communication with God.

CLICK HERE to learn more and to register.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You that Lynne Lee is reaching out to Your children to help them understand the significance of the dreams You give them. May You bless Lynne’s teleseminar and all those who participate. Thank You Jesus!

Blessings to grow to understand the significance of your dreams and discover how to hear from God as you sleep!

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