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17 Jun

Journaling is the key to unlock your dreams!!!

“And the patriarchs, becoming envious, sold Joseph into Egypt. But God was with him. and delivered him out of all his troubles, and gave him favor and wisdom in the presence of Pharaoh, king of Egypt; and he made him governor over Egypt and all his house.” (Acts 7:9)

What are some of the things you are most passionate about?

Joseph may well have been the greatest dreamer in the Bible. How did he withstand all the hardships, temptations, etc? God had given him a big dream when he was just 17 years old and he always clung to that. God has placed a big dream in your heart too, although chances are you don’t know what that is and even if you do, you’re not living it. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to live your dream. But it will require both a financial and time commitment.
At selected times over the last two weeks, Dr. Jerry Graham and I conducted a webinar entitled “UNCOMMON Journaling for Breakthroughs.” We’ve done the webinar four times now, as a means of promoting our upcoming 5-week, 35-day on-line course in journaling with a special emphasis on understanding your life purpose or destiny.

The course (Journaling 201 – UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny) is being offered twice each week, either Tuesdays at 8 pm EST or Wednesdays at Noon EST, for the next five weeks starting today and tomorrow. If you were unable to catch one of the webinars that we offered, one was recorded and is available in its entirety at Webinar Replay.

For those of you who saw the webinar and want to enroll in our class, that same page gives you a great overview of the course details and provides a registration form. The deadline to register is 3 pm EST today (June 17). You may register even if you didn’t watch our introductory journaling webinar. To see the overview and/or to register CLICK HERE.

Teaching others to journal daily to hear God is the most significant thing I have ever done in my life. This particular course is one of only two such courses that Dr. Jerry Graham and I will be teaching together in a small LIFE group setting. Jerry is one of the top destiny coaches in the world. I am one of the top journalers.

Matt Gregory, my pastor at Soul Purpose Church, participated in the introductory webinar Dr. Jerry Graham and I did last week. He was so impressed that he already signed up for the course himself and now wants to implement journaling church wide.

The purpose of this 5 week journaling course is to help you get in alignment with your assignment. When you get in alignment with your assignment, God’s provision will follow. God’s favor is on your assignment. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. I firmly believe every person who participates in our 5 week Journaling 201 course will experience profound breakthroughs.

Knowing God’s dreams for the future will:
1) Motivate you in your daily work
2) Help you overcome temptation in the here and now
3) Enable you to minister to others

Prayer Power
Lord, grant us the wisdom and insight to understand the assignment for which we were created. How tragic to go through life and have to confess that we didn’t even know what that assignment was (or that we even had one). You’ve given us a lifetime of clues…help us to see that it’s not too late to uncover and begin to act upon that life call.

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Don’t Sell Out to Fit In

Don't Sell Out to Fit In

Blessings to unlock your dreams through journaling!

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There is tremendous power in a testimony. “And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” – Revelations 12:11

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