United We Stand; Divided We Fall

25 Jun

United we stand; divided we fall.

But he, knowing their thoughts, said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls. (Luke 11:17)

What is a key strategy in God’s plan to gather the end-time harvest?

Radical Islam for years has been quietly and patiently planning for the overthrow of Western Civilization. They are not amassing huge armies to attack from without but are establishing within our own borders networks of trained “sleeper cells” that can be called into action at an opportune time to destroy or neutralize strategic targets. Bound by a covenant of devotion to Allah and commitment to making the ultimate sacrifice so that the world may come under submission to Shariah law, Radical Islam has discovered and is purposely applying the Biblical principle of networking. As long as the twelve tribes of Israel were united in their devotion to Jehovah and His laws, they were invincible. When through sin and idolatry that unity began to unravel, they became prey to the weakest of enemies.

Networking the community of the Greater Fredericksburg area in prayer is the cardinal tenet of PrayerNet’s vision. The pursuit of how to actually do that has been an often frustrating journey. Recently, the Lord has brought me into a relationship with Dr. Randy Peck, a prayer leader from Culpeper, with a unique call to “network the networkers” particularly in Virginia. He has encouraged me to be more intentional about building relationships and communicating the vision of PrayerNet, specifically through means of a regular e-mail devotional five times a week. I’ll probably begin with 2 or 3 times a week.

The purpose of all this is 3-fold:

1) To equip you to be more effective and focused in praying for your church and community. My ministry gifts lie mainly in the areas of pastoring and teaching. Each devotional will include some insight from God’s Word that hopefully will encourage your faith and strengthen you in your call to prayer.

2) To more clearly communicate the vision of PrayerNet and together explore ways in which we who sense a burden to pray for our community can intercede more effectively.

3) To establish an online forum that will provide you the opportunity to express what is on your heart. I believe there are insights from Scripture, dreams and visions that the Lord has given to you as watchmen that need to be communicated to the praying community.

You can help me in this project by verbalizing your frankly honest response to these e-mails. Does your heart resonate with what is being expressed? Are there things you feel should be added? Are they written in the right spirit? Are they too long for you to bother reading them on a regular basis? Are they too short to communicate any meaningful content? Do they come too frequently?

At this point the only contact I have with many of you is once or twice a year at a community prayer related event. Through this venue I can have some contact at least 2 or 3 times a week resulting in a much more meaningful relationship on a personal level and hopefully more productive for expanding the Kingdom of God through prayer.

Prayer Power
Father, we thank You for the awesome potential of Kingdom relationships! We believe that true unity in the Spirit is a key to seeing the transformation of our communities. We ask that You will begin to establish a network of kindred hearts. Forge iron sharpening iron alliances of genuine love among your praying people.

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PrayerNet of Fredericksburg [www.prayfred.com]

Blessings to see God network the state of Virginia in 2007!

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Today’s message comes from Bowie Curry, the leader of PrayerNet of Fredericksburg.

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