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30 Apr

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Who is Robert Hunt?
What is the real story behind the First Landing in 1607?

First Landing [], a one-hour documentary-drama film, premieres TODAY on ABC Family (TV) at 10 am ET/PT, during the daily “700 Club” time slot. It will re-air at 11 pm ET/PT that night. Created to coincide with the 400th anniversary this April, First Landing is inspired by actual events and dramatically recreates the story of the voyage through the eyes of a child apprentice to the crew. Befriended by Captain John Smith and Vicar Robert Hunt, Young Master Peacock recounts the amazing tales of adventure and significance that accompany the colonists as they cross the Atlantic and laid the spiritual foundation for America upon their landing.

The following excerpt about the story of Robert Hunt comes directly from the official website for the movie First Landing.

First Landing unearths the untold story of Reverend Robert Hunt’s incredible sacrifice as expedition chaplain of the Virginia Company’s awe inspiring voyage to the New World – a groundbreaking trip that would result in America’s first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia.

The story follows Hunt’s struggle to leave his young family in order to make the arduous journey by sea in 1606. Despite being initially pinned by superstitious sailors as the cause of severe winter storms in the English Channel that were keeping the ships in a stranglehold for six weeks, a desperately seasick Hunt persuades Captain Christopher Newport to stay the course on to the new world.

With new strength, Hunt then resolves to minister to his shipmates and to persevere throughout the journey. But infighting among members of the expedition lingers, especially between the swashbuckling John Smith and the influential Edward Marie Wingfield. Smith is charged with mutiny, and Hunt becomes part of Smith’s dramatic rescue from the gallows. In April 1607, the voyagers finally reach their destination. A wooden cross is raised among the sand dunes of what is today Cape Henry, and Hunt prays for God’s blessing on the new colony and the people of the land.

In the midst of disease and the hostility, Hunt pours himself into caring for the settlers, giving little thought to his own needs. The sacrifice of Robert Hunt is a largely unknown story, coming to light 400 years later. His role in enabling the colonists to not only reach the shores of North America but to also survive those early brutal years cannot be underestimated. While most men looked to their own needs, Hunt brought much  needed unity to the frail outpost on the James River that would in time become the United States of America, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

Prayer Power
Father, thank You for the people in America who are taking a stand to restore the truth of our godly heritage that made America great. Bless the First Landing movie and all those who watch it. Expose the truth and unite America in prayer. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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