The Simple Truths of Appreciation

27 Dec

“Kindness is a language we all understand.” – Mother Teresa

When they had read it, they rejoiced over its encouragement. (Acts 15:31)

Who and in what way can you show appreciation to today?

I subscribe to the Simple Truths email newsletter. Yesterday I received the year-end message from Mac Anderson, founder of Simple Truths. Now I’d like to thank you for letting me be part of your life in 2007 by passing along Mac’s message and link to one of his all-time favorite inspirational movies. Enjoy!

“This is our last newsletter in 2007. And what a wonderful year it has been! Katherine Graham, the late publisher of the Washington Post once said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun!” This is exactly how I feel! I am so honored and fortunate to be able to share my values through our beautiful gift books and short
inspirational movies.

I think it’s appropriate that I sign off in 2007 by sharing one of my all time favorite inspirational movies…The Simple Truths of Appreciation. It’s symbolic for our appreciation for you…our customers and newsletter subscribers.

It only takes 3 minutes to watch…but will be hard to forget! Also, please share it with friends and family. I guarantee they’ll thank you for doing it! So just sit back, turn up your speakers and click on the link below.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for those who choose to receive and read these daily e-prayer devotionals. Teach and guide them to be people of appreciation. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
The Simple Truths of Appreciation movie

Blessings to show appreciation to people every day!

Joseph PeckJoseph

Joseph Peck, M.D.
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It is easy, fun, and will inspire others.

There is tremendous power in a testimony. “And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” – Revelations 12:11

Poem by Hugh Traulsen

If you dare to care, then share!
If you share, pay heed!!
God will reward every good deed!!!

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