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30 Aug

The role of the wife is helpmate – revealer of the enemy.

“be filled with the Spirit, … submitting to one another in the fear of God. Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.” (Ephesians 5:18b, 21, 22)

If we look at Ephesians 5:21, we are told that each of us is to submit to one another out of reverence to Christ. Then and only then is the wife told she is to submit to her husband. There is no question wives are to submit to their husband in everything but using this one verse is not sufficient to determine the difference between her role and her call to submit.

In Jack Serra’s definition of ‘submission’, he uses three words. The first is obedience. The second is humility. The third is meekness. Mutual submission is one key to a great biblical marriage and it is important in many ways. 

God has given wives the spiritual ability to recognize certain things we, as men, cannot discern easily. When the wife warns her husband about something he is considering doing and he asks why she is saying that, her response will sound something like, “I don’t know” or “It just doesn’t seem or feel right.”  She typically cannot give a good reason for her feelings but, often times it is a warning from God and it must be considered by the husband. It’s time to slow down and reconsider the issue.

There were many times in the past that I made important decisions without consulting my wife because I figured she either didn’t know much about the topic or didn’t seem to care. In retrospect, things usually went well when I listened to my wife’s advice and poorly when I didn’t. There was an old commercial that said “When E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen.” Well, now when my wife speaks, I listen. Jack Serra’s messages in his marriage curriculum have positively impacted me and my marriage.

Husbands, are you seeking, listening to, and heeding your wife’s advice?

Prayer Power
LORD, thank You for my precious wife, who You made perfect for Your purposes. Forgive me for the many times I have not asked for or ignored her counsel in the past. Thank You for Jack Serra’s curriculum which has helped both of us better understand our biblical roles in marriage. Bless my wife with uncommon spiritual discernment. Bless us with unity before making important decisions. Thank You Jesus! Amen.

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