The Lord Will Provide

23 Jul

Heidi Baker is telling Americans it is time for the Christians to move outside the comfort zone paradigm.

“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

How do you know when it’s the LORD speaking to you?

Today Stephen Burke came to the Culpeper Library during our weekly Pray Culpeper meeting to share his first-hand story about his walk of faith. As shared in my devotional on July 20, Stephen is the author of “The LORD Will Provide.”

In 2004, Stephen stepped away from his long-time career to start His own Christian ministry in obedience to the LORD. Initially, his wife, mother, and former boss seriously questioned what he was doing. But over and over, God proved Himself faithful by coming through with needed finances just in the nick of time.

While I had read Stephen’s book “The Lord Will Provide,” hearing Stephen personally share his testimony was another matter. Everyone present had their eyes and ears glued to Stephen. For several people present, Stephen’s testimony was the most moving one they had ever heard about God’s miraculous provision.

As I was listening to Stephen, I thought how wonderful it would be if every person in every church in the world had the opportunity to hear his testimony. He is man of incredible faith and that faith rubs off on those who meet him.

But what happened at the Culpeper Library today was much more powerful than just one man sharing his life story. God’s presence and power were overwhelming. Pastor Jeff Light’s prayer at the end was right on target for what I needed and what Virginia Morton needed. It’s amazing what happens when people are walking and praying in the spirit.

After our time in the Library, a group of about 15-20 of us went to Light of Coffee for lunch. The joy and energy level there was very high. While we were walking back to the Library, we saw a lady praying for another lady. A group of about five of us joined to support this prayer. The lady being prayed for said she had never experienced God like that before.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for providing for us each and every day of our lives. A walk with You is a life of adventure. Bless those who read this message to grow in their faith. May they be able to hear and recognize Your voice. May they have hearts to obey You to experience the fullness of life You promise. In Jesus name, Amen!

Link of the Day
Heidi Baker’s Uncomfortable Message to America

Blessings to trust the LORD to provide for you!

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