Survey Summary – Your 3 Biggest LIFE Challenges

17 Jul

“Your goals choose your mentors!” – Dr. Mike Murdock, founder of The Wisdom Center

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

Who do you know who can mentor or coach you to overcome your 3 biggest LIFE challenges?

During the UNCOMMON Journaling for Destiny (Journaling 201) course, my pastor, Matt Gregory, shared that he has always been very good at math and fascinated by numbers. Careful meditation on the Word of God reveals that our heavenly Father is a God of numbers. He cares about details. Monitoring what’s happening is important to keep your finger on pulse and make necessary adjustments in a timely fashion.

On July 15, I sent an email to survey my YDB contacts regarding their 3 biggest life challenges. Now I’d like to summarize the results. Incidentally it’s not to late to respond to the survey – it’s still live and will be through the end of 2008. I hope to responses from hundreds if not thousands of people by July 31 and from tens of thousands of people by Dec 31.

If you haven’t already completed the survey, I’d appreciate your feedback – simply refer back to my email from July 15. Consider blessing some family and friends by referring them to this enlightening online survey at my blog

Here is a summary of the survey results (as of 5:55 AM EST on 07-17-08). For a much more detailed and interesting breakdown, see today’s Link of the Day.

  • 608 Survey invitations were sent via my YDB bulk email
  • 61 Emails bounced (never made it to their destination)
  • 119 People opened the bulk YDB email
  • 60 People clicked through the initial YDB email to at least one of the email links
  • 58 People clicked through to the YDB survey link
  • 44 People responded to the survey from the YDB email
  • 2 Additional people responded to the survey from the online link on my blog
  • 127 Responses were received to Question #1 (I requested a max of 3 per person)
  • 33 People responded to Question #2
  • 21 people responded to Question #3

Question #1: The three biggest challenges I’m facing for success right now are …

Of the 127 responses, here were the top ones

  • 16 FINANCES: Reducing / eliminating debt; Having plenty to give generously, travel, etc.
  • 11 HABITS: Establishing a godly daily or weekly routine
  • 10 TIME: Being a good steward with my time, ideas, and opportunities
  •   9 WELLNESS (Overall health and fitness): Caring for the only body I will ever have
  •   8 REST: Getting enough sleep, sleeping well, and feeling rested most days
  •   8 PRAYER: Making time to pray and/or knowing how to pray
  •   8 LIFE COACHING: Someone to ask powerful questions and hold me accountable
  •   7 REVELATION: Hearing from God and/or having UNCOMMON ideas
  •   7 LEVERAGE: Leveraging my time, money, and other resources
  •   7 MARRIAGE: Manifesting love, respect, and/or unity

Question #2: If you could ask any one question of a highly successful Christian leader or LIFE coach (one with expertise in any field or in any aspect of life or business), what would your question be? See Link of the Day for details.

Question #3: What other feedback regarding Your Daily Blessing would you like to provide me? See Link of the Day for details.

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, we praise You as the God of numbers, the God of order, the God of systems, the God who makes a way when it seems there is no way. Each of us is struggling with challenges in several areas of our lives. Bless each of us with mentors and coaches to hold us accountable and help us grow in our character and relationships. Thank You Jesus! Amen and hallelujah!

Link of the Day
Detailed breakdown of “Important YDB Survey – Your Three Biggest Challenges (July 15, 2008)”  [See below]

Blessings to seek out and find a mentor or LIFE coach to help you overcome your greatest LIFE challenges!


Detailed breakdown of “Important YDB Survey – Your Three Biggest Challenges (July 15, 2008)”

Question #1: The three biggest challenges I’m facing for success right now are …

See Live Survey Results URL:
You may paste the above URL into any web page or email, and/or include a link to view closing page.

Question #2: If you could ask any one question of a highly successful Christian leader or LIFE coach (one with expertise in any field or in any aspect of life or business), what would your question be?

  • What is the key to slowing down?
  • What does it mean to delight ourselves in the Lord? Because we know that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart?
  • How do I overcome the past?
  • Most of my life goals have been fulfilled and I am 64. How can God use me now?
  • Where did you get the inspiration to do the work you love and at the same time make it financially sustainable?
  • What one habit or skill has greatest influenced your life and success?
  • How can I learn to read faster in Spanish and in English with higher comprehension?
  • Why do you hold the Bible as truth? Do you see truth in other faiths?
  • How better to manage my time constructively?
  • I want to find out what my life purpose and how can i learn to love my self more and how to reach for my goals. and how to trust and love others
  • How do I recognize God’s voice?
  • How do you balance work with family (children) and still have energy left over for your spouse?
  • What are the best time-management practices to utilize in order to develop productive fufilling daily routines to serve my Lord and priorities with single motherhood, jobs, exercise, volunteering,etc?
  • Why are a lot of so-called Christians hypocrites?
  • How can I get totally free?
  • How to make my marriage better
  • How did you get to where you are at?
  • God already knows what is going to happen in each of our lives down to every detail, so I sometimes struggle wondering why in the world should I keep praying for something when God already knows what the outcome of that particular situation is going to be, whether or not I prayer. So I guess my question would be “Why keep praying?”
  • What do you desire to do with God;s help with the rest of your life?
  • How do you know when God has intervened- is it a combination of hard work, prayer, luck?
  • How do you organize all of the thoughts, Holy Spirit inspirations, daily life’s challenges/ routines and use your own life’s testimony to bless others on more than a momaent by moament or day to day level?
  • Now that I am preparing for my retirement from my job at the age of 55, how do I know and prepare for what God has in store for me?
  • How do you know when it’s God speaking to you vs. yourself?
  • How can i make my husband help out in the family?
  • How do you fight against the daily obstacles?
  • How do you say no?
  • Did you sacrifice anything to become successful, and was it worth it?
  • How to maintain focus on Christ and not lose touch during the “hussle and bussle” of each day.
  • What does it look like to love Jesus, be in relationship with him versus having a relationship with God through him?
  • Can you suggest any good mentors?
  • What three things do you recommend I do to make $1 million in 3 months?

Note: Answers to each of the above questions with be forthcoming by July 20, so please check back to read those.

Question #3: What other feedback regarding Your Daily Blessing would you like to provide me?

  • How do you let those you know and love beyond telling them you love them do to the lack of time to spend with them?
  • They are great! Keep ’em up.
  • I have enjoyed and have been blessed since day 1.
  • I have enjoyed the links.
  • I enjoy reading it daily.
  • I enjoy getting YDB. I anticipated getting them daily when I signed up…yet the come about 3 or 4 per week and sometimes less. Am I getting them all or is that just the way that it is set up?
  • Keep it up!
  • Needs to be shorter
  • How to change my life for the better
  • First of all, my husband and I have 5 daughters. We are up to our necks with children’s activities: volleyball, dance, piano lessons, youth group, etc. Both my husband and I work so we can help support our college age daughter and soon to be going to college daughter. It is a challenge to juggle all that and take care of my health.
  • You and your family are awesome. You are such an obedient servent of the Lord and a great Christian Leader whom I admire and look up to. You have taught me so much and blessed me abundantly. With much love and appreciation, Beth.
  • How can I win when my partner is trying in every way to make me fail?
  • I have been challenged & blessed by these devotions
  • Don’t know at this time?
  • I think that online devotionals are a great tool to encourage, empower and inform people and also keep one’s self accountable to seek God for not only self but His body! Maybe there could be a highlight on other ‘ordinary’ people a difference for Christ on a weekly basis and also maybe a way to share ideas/ growths through this walk called life.
  • I want to reach as many non-believers as I can for Jesus, what approach do you suggest?
    Keep the subject line interesting and captivating. That will determine whether people will bother to open it up and see what it’s all about.
  • This is really a good survey RJ !
  • I wouldn’t mind hearing stories/testimonies from missionaries, older pastors, and older pastor’s wives. Not ones that seemed to have gained a lot of notoriety in our society, but ones who managed to rear their children successfully for the Lord.
  • I enjoy receiving the Daily Blessing
  • Great messages and prayers in your daily devotional. Doing the survey is a great idea!

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