Sunday Inspiration: Why Mexico Matters

01 Apr

Why Mexico Matters

About 8 weeks ago, Laurie Roberts, the founder of ESC Works, cried out to the LORD for help, He heard and put a burden on my heart to help.

Since then the Holy Spirit has assembled a Master’s Mind Marketing tribe to bless Laurie, Bev (her partner), Ieesha (Laurie’s daughter), and ESC Works in ways that bring tears to my eyes.

Laurie and her team are currently caring for and educating orphans in Mexico. Jesus says that when we do that we are caring for Him.

I believe ESC Works is “the spiritual gateway to Mexico.” Their work is very near and dear to God’s heart.

The Vision for ESC works is to be a well-known and widely connected gateway to Mexico, creating many and varied opportunities for people from all over the world to:

  • learn Spanish quickly and easily in a Latin American cultural setting, or online
  • engage with Mexican businesses
  • join in the fight against poverty and hopelessness in Mexico through

– acts of service
– sharing of skills
– financial support

So what? Now what?

During our weekly Master’s Mind Marketing meeting on Wed March 28, Lauri shared an excerpt from a new online article by Robert D. Kaplan titled “With the Focus on Syria, Mexico Burns.”

That article states:

While the foreign policy elite in Washington focuses on the 8,000 deaths in a conflict in Syria — half a world away from the United States — more than 47,000 people have died in drug-related violence since 2006 in Mexico. A deeply troubled state as well as a demographic and economic giant on the United States’ southern border, Mexico will affect America’s destiny in coming decades more than any state or combination of states in the Middle East. Indeed, Mexico may constitute the world’s seventh-largest economy in the near future.

Mexico, in addition to the obvious challenge of China as a rising great power, will help write the American story in the 21st century. Mexico will partly determine what kind of society America will become …

To learn more, you are invited to participate in our webinar at 8 pm Eastern on Tues April 3 titled “ESC Works: Empowering Voices Across Borders”

CLICK HERE to register for this life-changing, world-changing webinar.

Blessings for eyes to see what the LORD is doing and a heart to obey!

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