Sunday Inspiration: Trust and Obey

20 Mar

Today’s message and outcomes are dedicated to Georgia Fauber, a dear friend in Lynchburg Virginia and a mighty woman of God. Georgia has been affectionately dubbed “The Princess of Education” for the state of Virginia. She was only the second woman in the history of the University of Virginia to serve on the Board of Visitors.

In addition to serving as a bank president in the past, Georgia has served on the

  • UVA National Committee on University Resources
  • Germanna Community College Foundation Board (1993-2007)
  • UVA School of Engineering Board
  • UVA School of Nursing Board
  • UVA Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Committee
  • UVA Co-Chair, Historic Preservation
  • VA 4-H Foundation Board (VPI, 1991-Present) – Teach Integrity

Holy Spirit birthed today’s message following email communication I had with Georgia this past week and her subsequent step of faith and obedience. As a result, I’ll be helping Georgia launch a 7-week online training program in the next few weeks to help non-profits get their ducks in a row business-wise to be able to secure more funds when opportunities present themselves. With the marketing strategy the LORD is laying out, I suspect Georgia will be able to bless thousands of nonprofits and the people they serve within a few years.

As fruit of her obedience, Georgia played the song “Trust and Obey” during the worship at her church in Lynchburg on March 20. Isn’t that a great name for a song? Before Georgia mentioned that song to me, I had never heard of it. However, after she did, I researched it and found several YouTube videos I liked.

So what? Now What?

It’s my impression that many (if not most) Christians are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be called in for the game changing play. Meanwhile, some of us are out on the game field playing with our teammates as the Master Coach calls the plays. Who do you suppose is going to be in the right place at the right time when opportunity strikes? And where do you stand in the game of life?

Almost every week, I present opportunities for you and my other followers to GROW. For some people, it’s the right timing and for others it’s not. That’s to be expected.

Last week on March 17 I hosted a webinar with Pamela Young titled “The Banner of the Kingdom of God.” That’s intended for people who want to grow in the things of God. For the replay, see

This week (on March 24), I’m hosting a practical “Blog to Book” webinar with Lauri E. Elliott. Details about that webinar will be forthcoming on March 23.

During my two-way journaling time on March 11, this is what I sensed the LORD say to me, “This is a time of OBEDIENCE – radical obedience. The window of opportunity may close for you if you do not act now. Time is short. The foundations of America are shaking and the whole economy could collapse like the World Trade Center towers if My people don’t pray and obey. It’s time for My people to live by FAITH. Listen, trust, and obey.

Two weeks ago, I happened to be led to begin re-reading the book “The Blessed Life” by Pastor Robert Morris. This is the book that actually led me to sow the $14,400 ($1,200/month x 12 months) seed into Doug Barclay’s life in late Feb 2003. On page 33 of his book, Robert wrote:

Passing the Test
In Matthew 6:21 we find the familiar words: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I want you to notice it doesn’t say, “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also (even though many people quote and apply it as if it did). It says, basically, “Your heart flows from your treasure.”

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Is God testing you now?
  2. If so, what bold step of action is He leading you to take?
  3. Who or what do you trust more – God or your savings (retirement account)?

Blessings to trust and obey!

Joseph PeckJoseph

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