Sunday Inspiration: Life Fine Tuned

15 Dec

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the World Premier for the the award-winning movie “Life Fine Tuned” at the State Theater in Culpeper, Virginia. This movie produced by Nina May and Renaissance Women Productions was one of my favorite movies ever.

Life Fine Tuned has won a lot of awards including first place at the 2012 International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles, beating out 100 films made by major studios including Disney and Dreamworks.

It was neat that most of the scenes were shot in Culpeper and neighboring Rappahannock County, the area where I live.

My two favorite scenes were the baptism of “Star” in the river and her miraculous healing. It’s interesting that just the day before seeing the movie, I stumbled across the photos of my daughter and I being baptized in 2002. I hadn’t seen those photos for years.

It’s also interesting that I added 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 as a key prayer principle in my written prayer list on the morning the movie was shown because that scripture was shared during the movie.

If you’re looking for a nice Christmas or birthday present to give someone, I highly recommend buying the DVD of the movie.

More blessings

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4) Benefits of 5-day silent retreat (See 3 minute Featured Video on the right) – We need silence in our lives to manage the noise in our lives. Otherwise, the noise manages us in our life.

Blessings to live a life fine-tuned with the Spirit of the living God!

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