Sunday Inspiration: I Love To Laugh

24 Jun

I Love To Laugh – Mary Poppins video


Laughter is an instant vacation!

If you need a laugh today, perhaps this true story will bring you a chuckle.

Because of some coaching from Robert Needham, I’m currently in a mad dash to complete my Master’s Mind Marketing (MMM) book to have it go to print later this week. My original intention was to complete this in late December 2011 and have it go to print a few weeks later.

On Saturday morning (June 23) I got up very early and worked for several hours editing and adding content to my book. When my wife got up, she asked me to come with her to take our chocolate lab Maui for a long walk,

When we got back home from our walk, Julia asked to go for a bike ride with me. That seemed reasonable, or so I thought.

Initially we planned to ride 18-24 miles together. When we got to the 9 mile mark of our journey, we decided to go another 3 miles before turning around to come back home.

However, when we got to 12 mile mark, Julia asked to go a “new way.” After riding a total of 24 miles with another 2 to still go to get home, Julia suggested we ride 31 miles to celebrate our 31 years of marriage. I agreed. Crazy me. Our anniversary was June 21.

When I got home, my odometer read 33 miles. My wife had tricked me. You have to be careful when you’re married to a fitness buff. I’m not sure if I will survive my 50th anniversary. Who knows, Julia might suggest we do a “mini” (half-ironman) triathlon that day and swim 1.2 miles, bike 56, and run 13. LOL.

After the long bike ride, I did what every reasonable, worn out husband would do. I took a shower and laid down for a long nap.

When I got up, I discovered I had not had enough exercise yet, at least not from my wife’s perspective. Julia asked me to come with her to take Maui for another long walk. I agreed. Had I lost my mind? When would this belated anniversary celebration end?

After our walk, we went out for an early dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

By the time the day ended, I was glad to still be able to walk. My longest bike ride in 2012 before this had been 24 miles and I only went that far once or twice.

I think for our next anniversary, I’ll have to plan a cruise way in advance where exercising is forbidden. Just kidding.

And here’s the moral of the story – Before embarking on a “new way,” be sure to count the costs.

More blessings

1) The Greatest Marketing Secret in the World!

Webinar today (Monday June 25) at 6 pm EST with JP Maroney, aka “Mr. Moneizer.”

JP is repeating the value-packed webinar he did last week because his computer shut down half-way through. Even though JP was able to reconnect to the system and finish the webinar, the second half of the webinar did not record, so we had no replay.

One of the live attendees wrote to me afterwards saying, “What an extraordinary but practical way to earn a high income!”

2) The Principle of HONOR: Honoring Our Fathers and Mothers – Both Natural and Spiritual

Webinar on Tuesday June 26 at 8 pm EST with Dr. Bruce Cook and a distinguished panel of leaders representing fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.

The principle of HONOR is one of the most powerful concepts and commandments in the entire universe and in the Bible.

This powerful five-letter word contains vital keys to unlock favor, promotion, health, wealth, wisdom, influence and long life, to name just a few, and will help you overcome and break free of repeated patterns of failure or conflict, becoming or staying “stuck”, or destructive cycles of disappointment, frustration, mediocrity, inferiority, self-sabotage, and/or rejection and abandonment.

If you have never participated in a live webinar, step out of your comfort zone and try it. You don’t have to be computer savvy. If you have a telphone, you can still connect.

Blessings to love to laugh!

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