Sunday Inspiration: Be the leader who is “the difference”

25 Nov

On the average, I read a new book every 1-2 weeks. My favorite book read in 2012 is “If How To’s Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny, Rich, and Happy” by Brian Klemmer. My friend Larry Tyler is the one who referred me to that book.

I happened to order a used copy of the book from and that copy happened to have a hand-written message from Brian Klemmer that says “Be the leader who is ‘the difference’.”

In his book endorsement, Mark Victor Hansen, best-selling coauthor of Chicken Soup For The Soul. wrote,

“This an an absolute must read for the person who want to enjoy life more, have more, and contribute to others at a very high level. Brian Klemmer captures the often elusive essentials in being a master of the game called life.”

I agree with Mark completely. The very first chapter called “The Secret” is worth the price of the book by itself.

In the Prelude, Brian wrote,

“Welcome to the journey of personal growth called Personal Mastery. It is a journey that begins each day, but never ends. It is an exciting exploration of how you play the game of life and how your choices create your results. It is a journey available to all … and yet chosen by few.”

Today you got up, went through your morning rituals and embarked on the tasks of the day. Whether your mission involved leading a company or caring for a small child, you were called to make thousands of choices over the course of the day. Which of these choices are costing you the results you truly wish for? The path of Personal Mastery enables you to discover both what is behind those choices that don’t support you and what you really want. It enables you to make different choices.

As you might imagine, the path is not always easy. It takes courage and commitment. You have to care a great deal about your results to work through the discomfort that characterizes breakthrough personal growth. Yet the rewards are incredible. Life is more fulfilling, less stressful, more fun. You are able to achieve your goals and to invent or create new ones.

Sound exciting? It is.

The intent of this book is to assist you in becoming a master of the game of life, able to create success as you define it and on your own terms.”

If you’re looking to grow and want to see more results in your life and work, I highly recommend this book.

If How To’s Were Enough, We’d All Be Skinny, Rich, and Happy

Blessings to be the leader who is “the difference!”


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