Sunday Inspiration: 7 Characteristics of a Great Teacher

04 Sep

Tuesday Aug 23 was orientation day for teachers at St Luke’s School in Culpeper, Virginia. Karen Bean started that morning off by sharing a great devotional titled “A Great Teacher.” Her message came from a sermon preached by Pastor Randy Orndorff the previous Sunday.

What makes for a great teacher? Joanna Fuchs writes, “Teachers open up young minds, showing them the wonders of the intellect and the miracle of being able to think for themselves.”

Many regard Jesus as the greatest teacher of all time. I certainly would agree. But just what made his teaching so effective?

Here are seven things that make Jesus a great Teacher:

  1. Jesus teaches with authority and is full of fresh ideas
  2. Jesus taught using object lessons
  3. let questions guide the learning opportunities
  4. Jesus understood and used the power of story, and many had surprising endings
  5. Jesus taught self-discovery by putting the responsibility of learning into the hands of the learner
  6. Jesus utilized conversational learning opportunities
  7. Jesus possessed a deep love and a genuine care for his students, his disciples, and really all who listened

CLICK HERE to read the entire message!

On another very important note, the Walk United Conference is taking place in Culpeper on Sept 9-11, marking the 10th anniversary of 9-11. If you live within two hours of Culpeper, we invite you to come join us for at least one of the days.

Walk United in Christ is an event happening in Culpeper at Eastern View High School Sept 9-11. This event will include praise and worship time, workshops, ministry expo, and speakers including Tom Blackaby and Bishop Harry Jackson. This is a time to unite as the body of Christ to be prepared to work together whatever the situation may be.

This message is for the regional people of God to responde to God’s persistent invitation to wake up, to be ready, to walk united in Christ,

CLICK HERE for the Walk United in Christ program.

More Blessings

1) St Luke’s School opens year with message of LOVE by Ed Lyons (10 min video)

2) The Purification Process by Pastor Seth Iganihitsu from Kenya

3) Trust and Obey (video)


Blessings to learn to be a great teacher!

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