ProVision Network Leadership Summit

06 May

“At some point, you have to commit to a company.” – Dan Stratton

“I was thirsty and you gave Me drink” (Matthew 25:35b)

What team are you going to join to reclaim your mountain of influence for Jesus?

Extraordinary things for the world are always accomplished by great teams. Last week I attended the Provision Network (PVN) Leadership Summit that took place in New York City on May 1-3. That was awesome. Every speaker and participant was passionate about Jesus and helping one another. One of the primary reasons I went was to meet Dan Stratton, affectionately known as the pastor of Wall Street, and Lance Wallnau. My wife and two close friends highly recommended I go. So many new blessings came out of this.

Dan Stratton and Lance Wallnau

Each day at the Summit, Dan had a few extremely accomplished marketplace leaders share their stories and huge visions. The first main speaker was Kevin McGovern. Kevin is Chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital LLC, which provides Intellectual Property Rights Strategy, and originates, structures and implements capital formation, joint ventures and business alliances. Recently, Cornell University selected Kevin as its worldwide 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year. Kevin is playing the lead role in The Water Initiative to solve the world-wide water crisis. In doing so, Kevin is addressing the world problem of water-born diseases, which kill more people all other top diseases combined.

Lance Wallnau, Director of the Lance Learning Centers, spoke twice. He is the world leader in the “Reclaiming the Seven Mountains” initiative. Lance is the person that national and international leaders call upon when they need a breakthrough or clarity on their next step.

Mike Barber, a former standout tight end in the NFL, shared his phenomenal story about his prison ministry called Mike Barber Ministries. Mike has had a weekly television show on Trinity Broadcast Network for 20 years promoting this ministry. After hearing Mike, I think he might well be the “Superbowl Champion” of prison ministry in the world. I’ll share more about Mike and prison ministry tomorrow.

Mike Barber and Dan Stratton

Ed Rollins shared his incredible story. Ed served four U.S. Presidents (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush) including two tours of duty at the highest level of the White House as Assistant to the President. He was one of President Reagan’s closest friends and played a major role in President Reagan deciding to run for re-election in 1984. Ed is best known for managing President Reagan’s landslide re-election campaign in 1984.

Other stories shared by PVN Board members, state chapter leaders, and PVN members blew me out of the water. In my opinion, the PVN Leadership Summit has opened more doors for me than any other networking gathering I have ever been to. While I already was a member of the PVN, I am now certain that I want to bless the PVN and help get a PVN chapter started in Virginia. For those of you in the marketplace who want to be leaders in your field, I encourage you to explore the PVN.

Since starting daily prayer calls for the PVN in August 2007, Dan Stratton has begun experiencing major breakthroughs in his ministry. Several people at the PVN Leadership Summit told me how great an impact those prayer calls had on them personally. I participated in two of those prayer calls in April and was extremely impressed. Typically, about 50-70 people are participating daily from 15-20 states. What Dan is doing with these prayer calls is a simple and great model for every ministry. Here’s how you can connect with a PVN prayer call.

ProVision Network prayer calls

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for Dan Stratton and the vision you gave him for the Provision Network. Thank You for directing my path to get me to the PVN Leadership Summit. Thank You for every speaker and participant I met. Bless me to be a good steward with every relationship You established. Bless me to be a blessing to the PVN. Bless the start of a Virginia PVN chapter. Bless the PVN with their greatest year ever by far in 2008. Thank You Jesus. To God be all the glory. Amen and hallelujah.

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Photos of the PVN Leadership Summit

Blessings to explore and learn from the PVN!

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