Prayer and Obedience

26 Oct

Substituting praying for obeying simply will not work.

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,” (1 Samuel 15:22b)

What good is all our busy religion if God isn’t in it? What good is it if we’ve lost majesty, reverence, worship – an awareness of the divine? What good is it if we’ve lost a sense of the Presence and the ability to retreat within our own hearts and meet God in the garden? If we’ve lost that, why build another church? Why make more converts to an effete Christianity? Why bring people to follow after a Savior so far off that He doesn’t own them?

Have you noticed how much praying for revival has been going on of late – and how little revival has resulted?

Considering the volume of prayer that is ascending these days, rivers of revival should be flowing in blessing throughout the land. That no such results are in evidence should not discourage us; rather it should stir us to find out why our prayers are not answered.

I believe our problem is that we have been trying to substitute praying for obeying; an it simply will not work.

Prayer Power
LORD, the Bible says that no one comes to the Father unless the Father draws him. So I ask You to create a deep hunger and thirst in the people of Virginia to know and obey You. Draw them near to You. Begin in me, my family, and those within my sphere of influence. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to pray and obey God!

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Most of the content above comes directly from A. W. Tozer’s message on “Prayer and Obedience”.

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