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14 Mar

The apple of God’s eye is Jerusalem!

Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of God! Selah (Psalm 87:3)

What miraculous things is the LORD preparing to do in 2007?

Jerusalem, not Culpeper, is God’s city, the apple of His eye! Amazing enough, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel, the 400th anniversary of America, and the year 07-07-07 occurs. Coincidence? No. As mentioned in my devotional on March 12, the number 40 signifies a time of probation or trial. Over the last 40 and 400 years, God has been preparing the way to do something absolutely HUGE to bless Israel in 2007.

Politically speaking, Culpeper Virginia is the cradle of religious freedom for the world because it’s where the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was birthed. Culpeper is a detonator city for transformation of other communities in Virginia during this critical 2007 year when we celebrate America’s 400th Anniversary!

Pray Culpeper was birthed 21 months ago after Rick Heeren’s visit. Since then, our Pray Culpeper team has been meeting weekly to bring unity to our community through the power of prayer. At our last Pray Culpeper meeting on March 12, we heard numerous reports of how God is bringing unity to our community. Let me share a few examples.

1) At 7 PM on March 17, youth, youth leaders, and families are coming together at Alum Springs Baptist Church to watch the movie Facing the Giants on DVD. This was my favorite movie of all time, despite the fact that it was never shown in the Culpeper theaters.

2) On Sunday March 25 at 2 PM, Pray Culpeper is hosting the second prayer walk of one of our public schools, Floyd T. Binns Middle School.

3) On Wednesday evening April 18, there will be a huge youth rally at Culpeper High School in preparation for the 800 youth and youth leaders going to Battle Cry stadium event in Baltimore on May 11-12, 2007.

4) On April 29, Culpeper will have its own local celebrations to rededicate America to God. We are encouraging all the churches in Culpeper to have their own rededication celebrations on that Sunday morning during their regular worship services. At 2 PM, we will have a community prayer walk with a large cross starting in downtown Culpeper to publically dedicate our city to Jesus Christ. Other communities in Virginia and America are encouraged to do likewise.

What is Pray Culpeper?
How did Pray Culpeper get started?
What is the fruit of Pray Culpeper?
Why is Culpeper so strategic in Virginia and America?
What’s so special about the year 2007?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more by visiting Pray Culpeper.

Prayer Power
Father God, LORD of Culpeper and Virginia, we welcome you to have your way in 2007. Change us, change our cities, and change our state to make us a bright light for the world. May Virginia be known as a state that blesses Your nation of Israel. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to fulfill your role in bringing the fullness of God’s glory to Israel in 2007!

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