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28 Mar

“The way we live is directly attributable to the sky rocketing costs of health care.”  From a recent RAND study

What would you like your health to be like in six months?

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship.  (Rom. 12:1; NIV)

Yesterday, we were excited to announce our coming e-book and seven-part webinar series on one of our most impassioned topics — wellness!  We promised you additional details today that would allow you to register for the overview webinar to which you are invited to attend at no charge.

To review, Dr. Randy Peck, MD (we felt it good to have a doctor along for a wellness series), Sharon (who is a RN), and I have teamed up and will be conducting an interview-style weekly webinar to lead you through the six major factors that determine a person’s wellness.  This first webinar will be an overview of the entire series and is open to all who can attend for no charge whatsoever.  You simply need to be at your computer so you can participate in the roll out.  The big day and time is next Wednesday, April 1, at high noon EDT.  Put it on your calendar and reserve the hour.  To register for the webinar, click Register Here.

Thinking about wellness is not something many people do…unless they are sick.  Even then, they aren’t really focused on wellness.  In fact, they are actually focusing on how to make their illness go away so that they can forget about their health once again.  Begins to remind me of that oft quoted definition of insanity.

I suppose it’s human nature, but we don’t think much about our toes, unless one or more of them is sore.  We don’t think about how much we need and use our thumb, unless it is sore.  Then it sticks out like a….  So I guess it’s natural to not think about being healthy, until we’re not.  That’s really tragic, though.  It is really so simple to dramatically improve our health if we would just practice a few (six actually) simple steps.  But more about that later.

Have you ever thought about the value (i.e., payback) of good health or wellness?  Probably not…for all the same reasons as above.  We’ve all got more important things to think about, right?  Well, I would like to propose that health adds value or brings benefits to every moment of our lives.  Beside to ourselves, health adds value to our families, to our friends, to our work, to our community, and to our country.  Overstatement?  Hype?  To answer that, turn the thought over and ask what are the consequences of not having good health? How about the consequences to your family?  To your friends.  To your work?  To your community?  And finally, to your country?  Something tells me that the consequences would feel far more significant if we were not so used to living with them on a daily basis.

First of all, what is wellness to you?  It’s probably different for you than it is for me.  A great coaching question is to ask yourself, “What would I like my health to be like in six months?”  To be valid, your answer must describe what you want to be or do…not what you want to be free from.  For some it might be to run a marathon.  For someone else, it might be to be able to walk to the mailbox to get the mail without getting winded.  There are probably as many short-term health goals as there are people to ask.

Then ask yourself, “What would I like my health to be 20 years down the road?”  Think about how old you’ll be in 20 years and what would you like to be able to do when you’re that age.  Here again, everybody’s answer is going to be different, although there is likely to be some commonality, such as energy, stamina, mental acuity, flexibility, etc.

Register for the free Wellness webinar on April 1 at noon EDT and we’ll begin to discuss this and a lot more.

Prayer Power
Father, we thank You for the technology that will allow readers from all over the globe to be with us as we introduce our e-book and webinar series.  It absolutely boggles the imagination to think about.  Guide us to use this amazing gift in a responsible manner and in a way that glorifies You.

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Blessings on you as you adjust your schedule to be with us as we roll out our wellness e-book and webinar series.

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