Lori Tingley shares about Divine Dreams

12 Mar

“People everywhere want to be convinced that the things they think about doing and wish they could make real, are possible…” – Lori Tingley

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams.’ (Acts 2:17)

What dream is currently brewing in your heart, waiting to be birthed?

In yesterday’s devotional titled “Experience the Miracle,” I shared about miracles and visions. Incidentally, if you’re available between 1-1:30 PM EDT today, you are still invited to participate in today’s webinar (web seminar) led by Rev. Ron Davidson, founder of Gleaning for the World. To register, click here [expired registration].

Today I’d like to share about Lori Tingley and Dreams Come True Ministries. Lori is the wife of Dan Tingley. They live in Norfolk Virginia. My wife and I have been to their home for dinner and they visited us and Michael and Cindy Stay in Culpeper.

I first met Dan in August 2006 when I attended a 2 day conference at the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach. This event was co-sponsored by Regent University and Os Hillman with the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries. The first person I met when I walked into the conference room was Dan. He was maning a table for Lifeforming Leadership Coaching (LLC). Later that day, I met Joseph Umidi, co-founder of LLC. It was through my daily email that I stayed in touch with Dan and Joseph. As a result, the two of them first came to Culpeper together in December 2006 for a Healthy Virginia meeting sponsored by our Pray Culpeper team.

Dan owns 3 companies and works part-time as a marketer for LLC. He travels a lot, so my daily email has been an important way to stay connected with him. In January 2008, Dan contacted me, asking for my help to build 3 websites for him. Today, Jon Monroe and JJ Phillips, two of my workers, teamed together to get the starter website rolling for Divine Dreams. The video of Lori on the home page is awesome. You can see that at today’s Link of the Day.

Dreams Come True Ministries was founded in 2000 by Lori Tingley as an outlet for her singing and speaking interests. Raised in the church as the daughter of a Baptist minister, Lori started singing and playing the piano early. In 2000 she was able to use the talents of a song-writing friend and record her first CD. Lori began traveling and giving concerts and performances to promote her CD. On several of this occasions, Lori began to share personal stories and thoughts about her walk with the Lord. Her singing ministry became dual focused.

The name “Dreams Come True” represents the hopes and aspirations of people everywhere who are searching for something unique that they were put on this earth to accomplish. Lori believes that people everywhere want to be convinced that the things they think about doing and wish they could make real, are possible because God Almighty is the great Dream-Giver. DCT Min. is called to use the Word of God to open up people’s eyes to the reality of their personal God given dreams. Through thought-provoking and encouraging studies and talks, Lori challenges listeners to apply the truth of the Bible to their lives, in whatever circumstance they find themselves. Lori believes that the Lord is the only One who can meet all of our deepest needs. He made us and knows us better than anyone.

The purpose of Dreams Come True Ministries is to provide people with the resources they need to first of all, become more like Jesus in all areas of their lives, be it in marriage, family, work or any relationship. Secondly, DCT Min wants to help people discover, define and develop their God- given dreams so that they can be “wholly mature, complete in every good work…”

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank You for Dan and Lori Tingley and their precious friendship. Thank You for people like Lori who encourage others to have the boldness to live out their dreams. Bless their family and ministries LORD. May many, many people be inspired by Lori’s powerful message. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
Dreams Come True Ministries – Lori Tingley shares in her video about Divine Dreams

Blessings to live out the dreams that God has placed in your heart!

Lori Tingley shares about Divine Dreams

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