Living on Much More Than Bread

12 Sep

 Hunger for the Word of God is hunger to know God!

But Jesus answered him (Satan), saying, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.'” (Luke 4:4)

As an anesthesiologist, I often talk to patients preop who are about to undergo colonscopies. These patients must undergo a bowel prep to empty the colon. This includes fasting from solid food for at least one day. Whenever one of these patients tells me they are “starving,” I’m reminded about the millions of poor people around the world who are truly starving, not knowing when or if their next meal is coming. I also think about how most Christians are starving spiritually.

In America, most Christians have never intentionally fasted from food for more than one day. And yet Jesus said “When you fast,” not “if you fast” (Matthew 6:16). According to the Bible, fasting is supposed to be a regular spiritual discipline.

When the Israelites were wandering around in the desert for 40 years, they ate fresh manna that rained down from heaven daily. If they tried to store it up for several days, it would spoil.

Our manna is the Word of God – the Bible. We need fresh manna every day. How long can you survive by eating just one meal each week? The same principle applies spiritually. If you meditate on scripture just one day each week (Sundays), you are starving spiritually. America’s moral decline is related to Biblical illiteracy.

How hungry are you for the Word of God?
Do you mediate on God’s Word every day?

Prayer Power
Jesus, You said “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15) How can we know and remember Your commandments if we don’t meditate on Your Word. Bless those who read this message with a deeper hunger for You and Your Word. May they taste and see the goodness of the LORD and trust in You (Psalm 34:8). Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to have a deeper hunger for the Word of God!

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