Let the Spirit flow

10 Oct

“We worship God both in Spirit and in Truth. Truth means that we have to know and be directed by the word of God in our worship.”

“But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.” (John 4:23)

What is flowing in the Spirit?

This morning I was woken up suddenly knowing the LORD wanted to use me as His scribe to share several messages with the world. I heard Him say clearly, “Let the Spirit flow.” I started singing a song with those lyrics, not certain where it was coming from. After praying on my knees a few minutes and taking communion, I began journaling.

Very quickly, I was led to do a Google search using “Let the Spirit flow.” That led me to visit the #1 entry – “Let the Spirit Flow Concert Tours.”

I also came across a good article titled “Flowing in the Spirit.” You can read that below. [http://www.worshipworld.com/lite/flowing.htm]

From there I was led to go to Youtube and do a search using “Let the Spirit Flow,” which led me to this video:

This in turn led me to do another search using “Let the river flow” which led me to this video

Enjoy. Soak it in. Let the Spirit flow. Let the river flow.

Prayer Power
Most gracious and merciful heavenly Father, I thank You for the river of God that flows through me into other people’s lives. May those who read this message let your Spirit flow to be washed anew by You. May Your cleansing waters bring them life, hope, and happiness. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Blessings to let the Spirit flow!

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It is easy, fun, and will inspire others.

There is tremendous power in a testimony. “And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” – Revelations 12:11

Poem by Hugh Traulsen

If you dare to care, then share!
If you share, pay heed!!
God will reward every good deed!!!

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“Let the River Flow” lyrics by Darrell Evans

Let the poor man say I am rich again
Let the lost man say I am found again
Whoa, let the river flow
Let the blind man say I can see again
Let the dead man say I am born again
Whoa, let the river flow
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let the river flow.

Let the river flow
Let the river flow
Holy spirit come
Move in power
Let the river flow.

Let the poor man say I am rich again
Let the lost man said I am found again
Whoa, let the river flow
Let the blind man say I can see again
Let the dead man say I am born again
Whoa, let the river flow
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let the river flow.

Let the river flow
Let the river flow
Holy spirit come
Move in power
Let the river flow.


Source: Flowing in the Spirit

Flowing in the Spirit
Although I believe I still don’t know enough about this to write a comprehensive article, I will gladly offer what I do know on a preliminary basis, and keep improving this article as I gain more experience. I thank Rev. James Cheong for valuable advice in the preparation of this article.
You might want to read about an experience of “flowing in the spirit” that I had before.


What is flowing in the Spirit?
Generally defined, it means recognizing that God wants to use the worship to minister to the worshippers and being sensitive to the guidance of the Spirit to facilitate that. The broad definition implies that a worship leader, music team or congregation can be “flowing in the Spirit” throughout the entire worship – in fact, throughout the entire service. A narrower definition postulates that there is a specific time during the worship which the presence of the Spirit is especially strong and that is when God chooses to minister to his Body. Both are correct, though for the rest of this article I will use the narrower definition.

When does it occur?
It can occur anytime, though usually it may occur during the “intimate worship” (inner courts) portion of a worship. That’s the part of the worship when the worshippers are most sensitive to God. And it can occur in both small group or large group worship.

Can it be planned?
Yes and no. On one hand God cannot be made to do a “guest appearance” as one pleases. Planning the whole worship second by second will not be conducive to flowing in the Spirit. On the other hand, if during the planning for the worship, the leader remains sensitive to God’s will, it’s conceivable that he may have been guided to lead a worship conducive to flowing in the Spirit.

How important is the leader for “flowing in the spirit”?
Quite important. He is God’s chosen instrument to help lead the worshippers into God’s presence. God uses the worship leader to guide the worship during the flowing of the spirit. Whether in deciding to sing a chorus another time, to pause for prayer or ministry, to break into spontaneous song, to speak ministering words, or to have a silent moment of enjoying God’s presence, the worship leader plays the key role in discerning the timing.

Does one have to be an experienced worship leader?
No. God can use anyone; I speak from experience as a young worship leader. The only fallacy young worship leaders tend to believe is that they can “plan” for flowing in the Spirit to occur. It cannot be planned.

Does one need to have a mature congregation for flowing in the spirit to occur?
No; again, I speak from experience. No denomination is excluded per se either. But you do need worshippers who are sincere and who are expecting to meet God in the worship.

What is the good of flowing in the Spirit?
It is not a cool worship technique. It is a practical example of recognizing the Lordship of Christ in all of our worship and church activities. It is the discipline and stewardship of giving time to the Spirit to use it as He wants it to be used in the worship. It always gives adequate time for us as worshippers to feel the Father’s love and respond to it, worshipping “in spirit and in truth”.

How do I know if or when I should allow “flowing in the spirit”?
As a leader, you should be sensitive to God’s guidance throughout the worship. If you suddenly feel that something in your spirit is prompting you to say something or sing something or do something particular, and you get this sense that you know it is from God, then that is the exact time.

How do I know whether what I feel prompted to do is really from God?
The more mature you are as a child of God, the more sensitive you will be to God’s will. Generally anything that contradicts Biblical principles is not from God. As you practise doing God’s will, you will know more and more what is really from God and what is not.

What should I do when I feel prompted to let the Spirit flow?
Your human intellect may have a tendency to say all kinds of things and start waxing philosophical. Don’t. Say only what you feel is from your spirit and what is absolutely necessary. “Get out of the way” – it’s usually the time for the whole congregation to express their feelings freely. Continue as long as you feel God is directing you; end when you feel directed to end.

Does flowing in the Spirit imply a suspension of the intellect?
No. We worship God both in Spirit and in Truth. Truth means that we have to know and be directed by the word of God in our worship. Therefore it is Biblically incorrect to worship God without the use of our mental faculty. Suspension of the intellect often implies extremist views emphasizing the ecstatic and mystical nature of worship eg. trances, hysteria, rolling on the ground while shouting and screaming, etc. Flowing in the Spirit should involve both our spirit and intellect (the total inner man) responding to God’s guidance and leading in the worship.

Anything I should avoid, so that flowing in the Spirit will not be hindered?
As I mentioned above; talking too much out of our human intellect; planning a rigid worship schedule; expecting God to flow at such and such a time, singing such and such a song. Don’t think that chucking some “power songs” into your worship will make the Spirit flow either. There is one more thing, which, having heard of but never experienced, I find hard to explain. I will state it as “drifting into heaven and leaving your worshippers behind on earth”.


I have included some illustrative examples of “spontaneous song”, one aspect of “flowing in the Spirit”. Neither imply each other, but they are often associated. You need a Realaudio® Player G2 to hear these clips. These are provided as samples only and not for redistribution. They are not indicative of the quality of the original CD releases.

Holy Spirit Rain Down by Russell Fragar*
Touching Heaven Changing Earth, © Hillsong Music Australia 1998

Jesus You Gave It All by Craig Gower*
Touching Heaven Changing Earth, © Hillsong Music Australia 1998

Spirit of God by Shannon Wexelberg
His Majesty Reigning in Me, © CFN Music 1993

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3 Responses to “Let the Spirit flow”

  1. Ron T. October 10, 2009 at 10:37 pm #


    Thanks for sharing what the Lord placed on your heart. Interesting timing on this posting, because I was just thinking about this very subject today and could not explain it better than how you described it as “Letting the Spirit Flow.”

    I had never experienced this before, but after giving several bible study messages over the past several weeks, I noticed that when I just stepped back and let God take control, He would lead me in the words to speak and give me a peace and assurance that He was in control and that I didn’t need to be anxious about what to say. It’s an awesome experience to see God working through you by just resting in Him!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Your Brother in Christ,
    Ron T.

  2. Dr. Randy Peck October 12, 2009 at 8:50 am #

    Hi Ron, Thank you for your wonderful comments. It truly is amazing what happens when we let go and let God by letting the Spirit flow. It’s like going down a fast-flowing river effortlessly. Many blessings to you my friend, Randy


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