I Am Just Not Satisfied

14 Jul

I am just not satisfied if I am not doing my Father’s business. – Geraldine Shaver

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. (Philippians 1:21)

What gives you the greatest satisfaction?

In the Spring of 2006, the Holy Spirit gave me three uncommon revelations to help me fulfill my assignment to be a catalyst to POWER network the Judeo-Christian networks around the world to unite God’s army.

1) The Internet is God’s SUPERNATURAL highway of communication!
2) A daily email with short stories of changed lives and a prayer is the #1 way to grow your network and build strong relationships.
3) When your organization (city) gets a heart for God’s people (Jews) and nation (Israel), then God will get a heart for your organization (city)!

What makes the Internet the superhighway of communication? It combines all types of media. For the most part, it’s free or very cheap to communicate. It’s interactive. It allows someone to communicate world-wide, instantly. The Internet becomes God’s supernatural highway of communication when the Holy Spirit authors a message – because then He’s responsible for the result.

The number of people who receive my daily devotional is growing rapidly. Why? Because it’s God’s desire to bless families around the world. This includes marriages and finances. It’s been said that the teacher often learns more than the students. I’ve learned a lot by writing these and by hearing back from people. Some of the rewards include being able to build strong relationships with my friends and other contacts, having the opportunity to change thousands of lives, and getting exposed to many new people and ideas.

One of my dear friends who has received my daily devotional since Day #1 is Geraldine Shaver. I met her about a year before I stopped working at Giles Memorial Hospital. She hosted the LIFE group I facilitated for the “40 Days of Purpose” in Giles County, Virginia. Recently, Geraldine’s mother had a stroke and was hospitalized for this. Connie, mentioned in her email below, was also in our LIFE group. Here is what Geraldine wrote me on July 11:

“I sometimes don’t like to send mail to you because I know you have so much to read but I do want to say that Mom moved to Pulaski today for rehab. I wanted to share with you that I was having a rough time of going into Giles Memorial this morning because I knew Mom was having a hard time about going to Pulaski..Even though I was trying to be brave for her it still hurt knowing she didn’t want to go. Who comes walking out but Connie and she gave me a hug and I thought how Jesus sends someone at the right time..Then this evening I was on the couch just being plain tired, and a friend called and told me that she was wanting to get back in church and give her life to Christ and start paying her tithes etc…That made my day..Then just a few minutes after I read her Larry’s letter from his heart [ I hope you got to read it] there was a knock on my door and two women I know stopped by and we just had a good time of praising GOD and praying and I was lifted and so were they…I just wanted to share with you how through the storms in our life, He knows all and He didn’t let me lay here on the couch this evening feeling tired, but He showed me someone else needed prayer and that also made my day…Thank you Jesus…I am just not satisfied if I am not doing my Father’s business.”

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, thank you for Internet, Your supernatural highway of communication. Thank You for the opportunity to stay in touch with so many people. Thank You for Geraldine, Connie, and Larry. Bless each one of them and their families. We ask You to touch Geraldine’s mom with Your healing hand. Bless Your followers throughout Virginia to unite together to make Virginia a bright light for the world before this year is over. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
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Blessings to be about our Father’s business!

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