How To Mentor Character Into Others

14 Nov

A good example is worth a thousand sermons! – Abraham Lincoln

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. (James 1:22)

Do you have a mentor and a mentoree (someone you are mentoring)?

Teacher and mentor, Dr. Howard Hendricks talked about the necessity for good mentors this way: “The greatest crisis today is the crisis in leadership. And the greatest crisis in leadership is the crisis of character. Character is the result of four things:

1) The choices you make;
2) The values you embrace;
3) The crises you experience;
4) The mentor you choose.

What can influence positively and deeply a commitment to godly character in us and to encourage others to whom we minister? There are two things. First, we must get the Word of God into hearts, and secondly, we have to see it modeled, lived out in lives. Nothing teaches Christ’s character faster than seeing it lived out. When the Bible we are learning is fleshed out by parents and other mentors in daily life, it marks us — unforgettable.

John summarizes two life qualities of Jesus that remained glued to his heart all those decades. Jesus was “full of grace and truth.” What a difficult combination! Jesus was wonderful to be with. He was always sensitive, loving, attentive, thoughtful, forgiving, focused on you. Full of grace. But Jesus was also full of truth. “Speaking the truth, in love” is supernatural.

Prayer Power
Loving Father, thank You for getting the Word of God into my heart and for allowing me to see godly character modeled by my parents and coaching group partners. Bless the choices my family makes, the values we embrace, the crises we experience, and the mentors we choose. May we be rich in the fruit of the Spirit. Make us completely transparent to allow Your rivers of living water to flow right through us into the lives of many people. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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Blessings to have a godly mentor and to be one!

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