How to Hear God’s Leadings (TBNTP)

15 Oct

Strength comes from solitude.

“Be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18a)

How do you tune into God’s voice?

Hearing the Holy Spirit’s leadings is vitally important to a healthy Christian life. But often when the Spirit tries to get through to us, He gets a busy signal. What changes do we need to make so that when God speaks to us through His Spirit, we will be able to hear Him?

The discipline of stillness is essential to hear from God! People who are really interested in hearing from God must pay a price: they must discipline themselves to be still before God.

Strength comes from solitude. No one can become an authentic Christian on a steady diet of activity. Power comes out of stillness. Decisions that change the entire course of your life come out of the holy of holies, your time of stillness before God.

Take the time to evaluate your life, yesterday, and see what direction you are going in the many different avenues of life. It’s good to ask God questions. What ‘s the next step in developing my character? What’s next in my family – with my spouse, kids, parents? What’s next in my career?

There are two common reasons why people don’t hear God’s voice more often. The most obvious one is that we don’t listen for it. We don’t schedule times of stillness that make communication possible. The other reason is that they don’t plan to do anything about God’s voice even if they hear it.

Keep your ears tuned to the Holy Spirit each day. It is possible to be aware throughout the day, even while going about your daily work, of God’s gentle promptings. That’s what it means to live by the Spirit (Gal 5:16). These on-the-spot promptings are not a substitute for unhurried quiet time with God. In fact, they tend to come when you regularly make time for stillness and solitude.

Prayer Power
Thank You LORD for working in my life to develop habits to be still to listen for Your whisper. Thank You for the trust You have developed in me. Bless those who read this message to know You, trust You, obey You, and then be blessed by You. Help them develop daily habits to practice the presence of God. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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