Going To The Next Level

20 Oct

“You are the combined average of the 5 people you associate with most!” – Jeff Olson

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52)

What does the favor of God look like?
If we offer you affordable coaching to help you go to the next level, will you seize the opportunity?

Today begins an exceptional series titled “Going to the Next Level!” Not only will this be the theme for this week, but for the remainder of 2008. Remember, 2008 has been prophesied to be the year of the gate. The question is, “Which gate are you going to go through?” Jerry Graham and I are going through the gate that leads to the straight and narrow road that Jesus spoke about. We invite you to come with us.

On Saturday evening October 18, I went to bed around 8:40 pm exhausted. After getting up at 11:45 pm to use the bathroom, I came back to bed. However, because I felt quite awake, I decided to listen to something on iTunes. The Holy Spirit led me to listen to Jeff Olson’s outstanding 31 minute introduction to his book, “The Slight Edge.”

For several years, Jeff was the owner of a company that was the biggest producer of personal development information in the world. He has a long track record of great successes. The next 4 paragraphs are an excerpt from Jeff’s teaching.

People who are successful take responsibility for their actions. As soon as you blame, you give up control, even if you are right. Successful people take responsibility for the decisions they make. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. They live outside of their comfort zone. They live where opportunities are at.

If information and technology were the answer, there would be no problems – no financial problems, no health problems, no relationship problems. What makes information and technology work is when you put it in the right environment and associations. The quantum leap (get rich quick scheme) is not the answer. Doing the easy things day after day is. That’s The Slight Edge philosophy.

Your ACTIONS create your RESULTS, which in turn create the QUALITY OF LIFE you live and enjoy. Simple, powerful, and true. The problem is, your actions are not the source of your problem… Your actions are created by your attitudes-but attitudes aren’t the heart of the matter, either. There is one thing more fundamental and essential …Your Philosophy. Your philosophy is your paradigm of the way life is, how life works (or doesn’t), and what’s the best way to live your life. Simply put, there’s nothing more fundamental than your philosophy.

PHILOSOPHY > Attitude > Actions > Results > Quality of Life

The best training I ever had in my life was the coach training by Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. That says a lot because as a physician for 25 years, I had lots of training. In the middle of my sabbatical year (2007), God connected me with Dr. Jerry Graham, who turned out to be my top coach and mentor over the past year and a half. That says a lot about the type of leader Jerry is. Jerry has coached me to an entirely new level of effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.

So what? Now what? How will this help you go to the next level in your personal life, in your business, or in your ministry? And what is the affordable coaching opportunity referred to above?

Starting October 21, Dr. Jerry Graham and I will be co-hosting two different weekly webinar series on Tuesday evenings. Each webinar will be short with high impact. These webinars will integrate both coaching and journaling, two of the most powerful disciplines Jerry and I have ever been blessed with. You will be taught secrets and shortcuts to apply “The Slight Edge” philosophy to breakthrough in your life – by compounding your good choices.

The first webinar series, from 6-6:45 pm EST, is titled “UNCOMMON Coaching For Destiny!” The purpose is to coach you in the various key areas of your life to breakthrough. I’ll share more about that tomorrow morning.

The second series, from 7-7:45 pm EST, is titled “JIREH Marketing!” The purpose is to teach YOU profitable Attraction Marketing step-by-step. We’ll be teaching you to how to use Web 2.0 to LEVERAGE your time, money, and other resources. We’ll show you secrets and shortcuts to apply the knowledge we’re making available with a wealth of online resources. To learn more about this opportunity, click here!

The Best Dollar You EVER Spent

Prayer Power
Heavenly Father, we thank You for our many blessings and praise You as our Jehovah JIREH – God our Provider. We acknowledge that ALL good gifts come from above. Thank You for working out the circumstances to allow Jerry and me to combine our talents to bless many, many people in our networks and beyond. LORD, we die to ourselves and ask to rise to new life in You. We commit these webinars to you and ask You to be LORD of all we do. Thank You for the extraordinary outcomes we will experience. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Amen and Hallelujah!!!

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Blessings to choose to go to the next level!

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