God’s Vision to Save One Billion Souls

17 Jul

“We are in a season of massive change in the Spirit, and many are being relocated or properly placed into the destiny that generations of Christians have prayed into!” – prophetic words by Shawn Bolz (All You Need is Love)

And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.” (Luke 5:10b)

Is it possible God could save one billion souls in a year? In a month? In a day?
What role has God called you to play in this major worldwide harvest?

On July 13, I did a webinar (online seminar) for some friends, including Adam Greer, showing how to turbocharge their communication and thereby magnify their impact and profitability. During the 45 minute PowerPoint presentation, I shared my life purpose to be a catalyst to save one billion souls. While a catalyst isn’t even necessary for a reaction to happen, it might make the reaction happen 10,000 times faster.

Just as prayer is God’s supernatural highway of communication in the spiritual realm, so the Internet is God’s supernatural highway of communication in the physical realm. When the Holy Spirit authors a message, He is responsible for the results. The most powerful and effective form of marketing nowadays is social marketing – through the web.

Yesterday morning during my ACT peer group phone meeting, Adam Greer told me when he initially heard me share the vision to save “one billion souls,” he was very skeptical; that is until he subsequently read the following on the home page of RealSummerOfLove.com: [www.RealSummerOfLove.com] “It is widely believed we are on the verge of a major worldwide harvest that could reach as many as a billion souls.”

I have to admit that God’s vision to save one billion souls in a very short period of time seemed extreme to me initially. The Holy Spirit revealed that to me a few years ago during intense times of prayer, worship, fasting, and journaling. As I began sharing that vision, I discovered “In the last two years of his life, Dr. Bright cast the vision of reaching one billion souls for Christ and planting five million new churches.” Out of this, the “Billion Soul Campaign” [http://www.call2all.org/Group/Group.aspx?id=1000015933] was birthed.

When GOD TV [www.god.tv] officially launched in America on the DirectTV Channel on October 1, 2006, I noticed the home page banner prophetically declared “ONE BILLION SOULS”. Even this launch date was very significant on God’s calendar because it was the International Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the start of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

Prayer Power
Merciful Father, thank You for the privilege to be alive in this generation. Thank You that we are on the verge of a major worldwide harvest of souls. Forgive us LORD when we make plans of man and build our own kingdoms instead of building the Kingdom of God. Open the eyes of pastors around the world to see they are called to pastor their cities, not just their congregations. Support, encourage, and hold accountable pulpit and marketplace ministers to unite in prayer to bless their communities. Mold us as only You, the Master Potter, can do. Teach us. Have Your way. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Link of the Day
All You Need is Love By Shawn Bolz (prophetic words for these times)

Blessings to fulfill your role in the end-time harvest of souls!

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