Exercise: Is it more than hype?

31 Mar

Today’s message was written by Dr. Jerry Graham on a subject near and dear to my heart as a physician – Wellness. Jerry and his wife Sharon are the most experienced Wellness coaches I have ever personally known.

“When you really think about it, you’ll realize that your health is your responsibility, not your mother’s, not your spouse’s, not your insurance company’s, not the government’s…and not God’s.” Dr. David Ajibade

How much physical activity is a part of your average day?

Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next. (1 Tim. 4:8; NLT)

Friday, we were excited to announce our coming e-book and seven-part webinar series on one of our most impassioned topics — wellness! To review, Dr. Randy Peck, MD (we felt it good to have a doctor along for a wellness series), Sharon (who is a RN), and I have teamed up and will be conducting an interview-style weekly webinar to lead you through the six major factors that determine a person’s wellness. This first webinar will be an overview of the entire series and is open to all who can attend for no charge whatsoever. You simply need to be at your computer so you can participate in the roll out. The big day and time is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1, at high noon EDT. Put it on your calendar and reserve the hour. To register for our free webinar, CLICK HERE [https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/682891288].

The second major factor to wellness is exercise, or as one of my exercise-phobic friends prefers, “activity.” I bet you already guessed that one, didn’t you? Yep, God designed our bodies to move. Not to sit behind a desk only to go home at night and sit on the couch in front of the resident cyclopes.

Here again, I’m not saying you have to exercise so many times a week for so many minutes doing such and such exercise. No, I’m just saying move more this week than you did last week. For some of you, you didn’t move much last week, so a little improvement will be a fantastic breakthrough. For others of you, the situation is entirely different. Again, it’s your call to decide how much more is reasonable. Better a little more that you do consistently, than a lot more that you find excuses to avoid doing.

Bottom line, folks, exercise is not optional! If you want to get the expert view, check out Sharon’s 10/11/07 DG entitled, “You Knew It Was Coming.” Don’t let yourself get intimidated, though…just move more this week than you did last. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Lest you get spoiled, the third simple factor is a little more challenging than the first two, but I believe when you hear it, you will agree that it is pretty simple as well. See you on tomorrow. Oh yes, before you head out for a little exercise, don’t forget to register for tomorrow’s Webinar at the link below.

Prayer Power
Father, we thank You for the ability to move and be active. We thank You too for the technology that will allow us to share all six of the major wellness factors with all who tune in to our wellness webinar tomorrow. Bring us those who are eager to learn how to attain wellness.

Blessings of the Day
1) Registration link for free Wellness webinar at Noon EST on Wed April 1

Blessings on you as you purpose to move a little more today than you did yesterday and also as you register for tomorrow’s Webinar!

Jerry and Sharon

The Coaching Pair
Jerry Graham, Ph.D., D.Min.
Sharon Graham, R.N.


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