Defeating Fear will soon roll off the presses

23 Oct

Is fear destroying your destiny?

Fear paralyzes people of purpose. It destroys destinies and leaves dreams unfulfilled. It impedes people in their businesses, ministries, churches and homes.

What if fear no longer controlled you? What if you could rally the courage to conquer fear and achieve the victory you long for?

You Can!

Destiny Coach and speaker Carrie C. Stone’s proven Biblical battle strategies empower you to conquer the giant of fear and live God’s destiny for your life with passion and purpose. In Defeating Fear, she shares her personal triumphs over the paralysis of fear and reveals the action steps she has used while coming face-to-face with:

• The humiliation of foreclosure
• The debilitation of years of illness
• And the retaliation against neighborhood drug dealers!

You will be inspired, exhorted, encouraged and empowered to step onto the battlefield and live out God’s purposes for you. So get ready to:

Advance and
Resist your way to victory…

as you master the art of Defeating Fear.

Defeating Fear by Carrie C. Stono

Defeating Fear by Carrie C. Stono


Subject: Defeating Fear will soon roll off the presses
From: Carrie C. Stone
Date: Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 1:53 PM

Defeating Fear will soon roll off the presses, and you have the opportunity to pre-purchase the first copies!

As you all know, the past two years have been exciting, exhausting and often excruciating for us as we lost our home to foreclosure while I wrote my first book, Defeating Fear. But our faith has defeated our fear. Every time we look around our new home, we are amazed by God’s provision.

Rod and I have made a bold decision to publish Defeating Fear ourselves. God has provided amazing people to bring this book to completion. In order to print the first limited edition of Defeating Fear, we need to pre-sell 160 copies at $20.00 each. Since two people have already purchased 20 books each, we only need to pre-sell 120 more copies. If we get the book to the printer by November 2, the first editions will be available for you to give as Christmas gifts.

By pre-purchasing my book, you will be able to arm yourself, your friends and family with the tools to accomplish your destinies. At the same time you will help me reach the world with this sound, biblically-based message for overcoming the paralysis of fear.

Thank you for joining Rod and me on this journey of faith. I pray Defeating Fear will inspire you as you step onto the battlefield for your destiny!

For such a time as this,


Please print and mail this order form along with your check to:

Carrie C. Stone
3719 M Avenue
Anacortes, WA 98221

I am happy to purchase ________copies of Defeating Fear @$20 per copy

Shipping and handling costs:
$4 per book for books shipped individually
$3.50 per book for 2-5 books shipped to one address
$3.00 per book for 6-9 books shipped to one address
$2.00 per book for 10-19 books shipped to one address
FREE shipping for orders of 20 or more books

Find enclosed my check for $________which includes $________ for shipping

Please include: shipping addresses, instructions for signing and personalizing. Examples: Who is the book signed to? Is there a personal message? Or do you want just a signature? Would you like the date of signing, or perhaps Christmas 2010, or no date?


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