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Sabbath Inspiration: Who Seems To Get The Most Divine Encounters?

21 Jun

If God’s plans for you are good, what if you miss God? If I miss God, He will _____________ (fill in the blank). That is an important question that Steve Shultz addressed during his live broadcast (webinar) on June 18 titled “How to Walk Daily in Divine Appointments.” Steve is the founder of The Elijah […]

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Sabbath Inspiration: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

13 Jun

On June 11, Gary Beaton and I had the privilege of hosting Phil Zaldatte on a live global broadcast titled “Intentional Creation: Partnering with Heaven to Change Your Reality “. Phil invited Steve Maddox and Aaron Evans to be guest panelists. Phil’s message was profound and the panelist interaction was inspiring and enlightening and well […]

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The Hebrew year 5775

21 Jan

There’s a great contest in the spirit realm that is connected to and revealed by world events such as the civic unrest in Ferguson and New York and the recent terrorist events in Paris. The warfare is setting things up for the advancement of the kingdom…IF WE CAN SEIZE THE MOMENT.  We are entering the […]

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Sunday Inspiration: The stuff champions are made of

21 Dec

At the end of each year, it is wise to set aside time to reflect on the past year and plan for the upcoming year. This will help you have more clarity, focus, and commitment to be more effective in the upcoming year. According to T. Alan Armstrong, “Champions do not become champions when they […]

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Sunday Inspiration: Quantum Glory: The Science of Heaven Invading Earth

30 Nov

When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray using the Lord’s Prayer, what did He mean with “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven?” And what does that look like in real terms – heaven invading earth?  This past week, God strung together an amazing (miraculous) set of circumstances. […]

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